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NEW YEARS EVE 2014-2015

Hong Kong Chinese New year parade, best place for fireworks live online

Times Square Live Stream Ball Drop, New York NYE webcast, online app

Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2015 Live Stream, Harbour Party Feed

Las Vegas new year eve 2014/2015 concerts, clubs, fireworks & celebrities

Boston First Night 2015 Fireworks, Parties, Webcams, Hotels & Bars

Paris New Years Eve Light Show at the Eiffel Tower, Restaurants, Best Party


New Years Eve is a unique time of year to visit a new place, and we aim to travel to as many as we can.

We've already visited some of the main ones: Paris, Sydney, London and Edinburgh but have the ambition to get to as many of the others listed on this site as we can.

We hope you find our listings useful in finding the best NYE fireworks, parties, hotels, concerts, restaurants and events wherever you are!

Times Square New York

Happy New Year 2015! As we say goodbye to another year as we leave 2014 then once again the world will be lining up for one massive 24 hour global party to mark the occasion.

Our site brings you 100 top destinations, the best places to go & news and information on the most popular events and parties worldwide, from fireworks displays to beach parties, celebrity spotting, hotel, restaurant, bar & club nights and much more.

For the top fireworks we'll also provide advice on the best viewing areas and vantage points from where you can secure the best views. Plus any mobile apps that are available.

The events are listed by location and time zone (and now alphabetically too) to aid navigation, and we'll bring you links to live webcams, TV, radio & online streaming coverage so you can get as close as possible to joining the new year party from wherever in the world you are.

Start your NYE 2014-2015 party search using the list below and you can work your way around the globe and see in the new year over and over again! Don't forget to also check out our list of live music and celebrity appearances here

This was the year we finally made it to New York and Times Square in person, and the banner picture on this page is now one we actually took ourselves! You can check out some of our other pictures on our NYC page, it's great to be able to actually have experienced in person what the place is all about - the buzz and energy really are truly unique!

Time Zone


GMT +13 Auckland
GMT +11 Bondi Beach,  Melbourne, Sydney
GMT +10 Brisbane, Surfers Paradise
GMT +9 Seoul, Tokyo
GMT +8 Hong Kong, Perth, Singapore
GMT +7 Bangkok, Jakarta, Phuket
GMT +5.5 Goa, India
GMT +4 Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Moscow
GMT +2 Cape Town, Istanbul
GMT +1 Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Florence, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Zurich
GMT 0 Dublin, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle
GMT -2 Rio de Janeiro
GMT -5 Akron, Alexandria, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Boston, Burlington, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Dick Clark's NYRE, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Key West, Florida Keys, Louisville, Miami, Montreal, New York, Niagara Falls, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Toronto, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, Walt Disney World
GMT -6 Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, New Orleans, Memphis, Minneapolis, San Antonio,
GMT -7 Calgary, Denver, Phoenix, Arizona, Salt Lake City, Vail, Colorado
GMT -8 Disneyland California, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Reno, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Vancouver
GMT -10 Hawaii
Note: If you don't see the venue you're interested in listed above then we may still have some events for you - check out our general new year's eve parties page for all other destinations here.

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