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New Years Eve is a unique time of year to visit a new place, and we aim to travel to as many as we can.

We've already visited some of the main ones: Paris, Sydney, London and Edinburgh but have the ambition to get to as many of the others as we can, with the best places to go for new year 2014-15 next on our list!

We hope you find our listings useful in finding the best NYE fireworks, parties, hotels, concerts, restaurants, cruises and events wherever you are!



Dublin New Years Eve 2015

Fireworks, Events, Concert, Procession, Webcams, Parties, Hotels, Restaurants

Dublin, Republic of Ireland, 31 December 2014, Midnight

Dublin River Liffey Bridge

Dublin is a city that embraces a good party at pretty much any time of year so New year's Eve here is really just another excuse. In recent years they've really raised the bar though, with the NYE Dublin Festival holding a series of special events to provide entertainment for all ages. I've never been to Dublin at new years, but from visits at other times of year I can vouch for the friendly welcome you're sure to receive, and with so much going on it certainly seems a great option so see in the new year.

Dublin also embraces the New Year with a New Years Day parade, organised in honour of the Lord Mayor. For more details of this event see our New Years Day page.

Fireworks, Events & Party Listings


There are several major events in Dublin on New Year's Eve 2014-2015: The Countdown Concert, Fireworks Spectacular and People's Procession of Light are all taking place on December 31st.

Countdown Concert: Returns again year to help see in 2015. Takes place at College Green, getting underway at 8.30pm and scheduled to run right through until 1am. There will also be 3D projections on Trinity College to help mark the midnight countdown - they were one of the highlights of the whole festival last year.

Big Bang Fireworks Spectacular: Head down to St Stephen's Green for the fireworks, a key part of the NYE Dublin Festival. The streets surrounding the green will be closed to allow easier access to the location, and there will be live music and street theatre performers in the area to help provide entertainment as the buildup takes place.

People's Procession of Light: Officially launching the NYE festival, the procession is another free and family friendly event. It gets underway at around 7pm and will work it's way through the winding city centre streets before reaching St Stephen's Green in plenty of time for the midnight countdown and firework display.

The will also be The Big Brunch 2015 event on New Year's Day in Dublin, taking place at the Meeting House Square, Temple Bar. This is a free, family friendly event with live music, dancing and various performners.

Streaming, Webcams & Video


Places to watch live online:

Dublin webcams

There has been an RTE broadcast of the New Years Eve celebrations in previous years but we've not yet been able to track one down for this year - we'll keep looking though, if anyone else finds one, please let us know using the comment form below.

Hotels & Accommodation


For reservations and online availability of Dublin hotels, visit local hotels here.

Comments & Reviews


We would love to hear feedback from anyone who has visited Dublin and Ireland for New Years Eve and would like to share their experiences.

Also if you know of any events or parties we don't yet have listed, whether it's something you're attending or organising, please let us know and we'll be happy to update the page.

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