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New Years Eve is a unique time of year to visit a new place, and we aim to travel to as many as we can.

We've already visited some of the main ones: Paris, Sydney, London and Edinburgh but have the ambition to get to as many of the others as we can, with the best places to go for new year 2014-15 next on our list!

We hope you find our listings useful in finding the best NYE fireworks, parties, hotels, concerts, restaurants, cruises and events wherever you are!



Amsterdam New Years Eve 2015

Fireworks, Events, Webcams, Concerts, Parties, Hotels, Restaurants

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 31 December 2014, Midnight

Amsterdam canals

What more can you say about Amsterdam as a venue for celebrating New Years Eve? The legendary Dutch party capital offers quite literally something for everyone, from the awe inspiring fireworks that can be viewed on the famous Museumplein to a wide range of top hotels, fine dining restaurants and coffee shops, bars, cabaret and shows with a variety and range few places anywhere on the planet can match!

I did actually visit Amsterdam with a group of friends in the dim and distant past and although it would be fair to say we probably didn't fully capitalise on the city's cultural diversions I saw enough of the place to recognise that it is a beautiful city, with the canals and architecture giving it a unique appeal, and certainly somewhere very much on the bucket list for a future new year's eve party.

Fireworks, Events & Party Listings


When it comes to New Years Eve fireworks, the people of the Netherlands absolutely love to watch them. So much so that the whole of the country is covered in private displays all night starting from around 6pm until well into the following day. To gain the best vantage point for viewing the fireworks on the Amstel River, some of the best views are available from Magere Brug.

The streets and the squares of the city will all be packed throughout the evening, and the most popular areas include Leidseplein, Nieuwmarkt and Rembrandtplein, plus of course the eponymous Dam Square, where beer tents are set up and live entertainment continues throughout the evening.

Amsterdam's largest annual countdown will take place this year in front of the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein. The free event starts at 21:30 and continues until after midnight and attracts huge crowds of party-goers so it is advisable to get there very early to secure yourself a prime viewing vantage point.

Elsewhere, the Amsterdam club night TIKTAK hosts their annual and excpetionally popular New Year’s Eve event at the Heineken Music Hall. Lineup and ticket details to follow.

.Amsterdam is also famous for its symphony orchestra, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, which is housed at the Concertgebouw, adjacent to the Museumplein. This particular concert hall is regarded by many as having some of best acoustics in the world, although in the interests of impartiality it should probably be noted that in the world of concert halls this doesn't exactly qualify as a unique claim!

Streaming, Webcams & Video


Places to watch live online, including live cam streams from the Prinsengracht and Dam Square:

Amsterdam webcams

Hotels & Accommodation


Amsterdam offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget hostels with a shared room and bathroom to high top end 5 Star establishments. You can check availability and book local hotels here.

Comments & Reviews


We would love to hear feedback from anyone who has visited Amsterdam on NYE and would like to share their experiences.

Also if you know of any events or parties we don't yet have listed, whether it's something you're attending or organising, please let us know and we'll be happy to update the page.

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