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Hawaii New Years Eve 2015

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Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii, 31 December 2014, Midnight

Hawaii Pearl Harbour fireworks

As an island nation, Hawaii enjoys a wide and varied range of celebrations for New Years Eve, and also enjoys the distinction of being the last major global location to welcome in the New Year. Fireworks feature most prominently around the famous Waikiki beach on Honolulu but there are also smaller displays across all of the islands, and wherever you are the party in Hawaii will not stop until the arrival of the dawn.

It's pretty incredible to think that the new year arrives here a full 23 hours after the whole event gets underway on Christmas Island, which is only just over 1000 miles away, but I guess that we have to draw the (date) line somewhere. It does however make it perfectly feasible to see in the new year twice by flying back from one to the other, now that would be something a little different to mark the occasion, might have to give it a try one year!

Fireworks, Events & Party Listings


You won't have any problems finding a party on New Years Eve 2014-2015 in Waikiki, but it If you do want to go somewhere special, then it is sensible to make sure you book well in advance as the islands all get pretty hectic over the holiday period. There is no shortage of fireworks displays, with many of the larger hotels holding their own displays, especially those with a beachfront setting.

One of the biggest displays is at the Ko Olina Resort on Oahu, home of the recently opened Disney Aulani Resort which lives up to the Disneyland reputation with a spectacular fireworks extravaganza. The Moana Surfrider on the famous Waikiki Beach also has a big fireworks offering.

Elsewhere, many people just head straight to the beach for their own private beach party, with visitors in particular enjoying the opportunity to be outdoors at an unusually unseasonable time - there are large numbers of arrivals from the US in particular at this time of year.

On Maui there are midnight fireworks launched from a barge anchored offshore - best viewing points are from the coastal region between the Grand Wailea hotel and The Four Seasons.

On the Big Island, the main fireworks are concentrated in the Kailua-Kona area, while on little Kauai you're best off heading down to Poipu Beach Park where there is music and entertainment throughout the evening prior to the fireworks.

The annual "Party of the Year" takes place at Kakaako Park and includes a ferris wheel and other carnival rides, food trucks and live DJs and bands providing the music. There will also be fireworks displays every hour from 9pm, culminating in the main display at midnight.

New Years Eve and Chinese New Year are both very special occasions in Honolulu, as the locals seem to enjoy their status as the last major global location to welcome the new year. You'll find street parties, festivals and parades, with December 31st a veritable feast of parades and partying around the streets of Honolulu.

Streaming, Webcams & Video


Places to watch live online, including a live camera at Waikiki Beach:

Hawaii webcams

There is also an excellent live streaming cam at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort, directly overlooking the famous Kuhio Beach:

Waikiki webcam

Hotels & Accommodation


If you're planning on visiting Hawaii over the New Year period, then early reservation is strongly recommend, especially for more popular venues such as the Sheraton Waikiki. You can search, check availability and book local hotels here.

Comments & Reviews


We would love to hear feedback from anyone who has visited Hawaii for New Years Eve and would like to share their experiences.

Also if you know of any events or parties we don't yet have listed, whether it's something you're attending or organising, please let us know and we'll be happy to update the page.

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