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31 December 2017

Sydney new years eve

Australia and New Zealand absolutely don't mess around when it comes to celebrating New Years Eve - they like a party at the best of times, and this is one they like to think of as their very own.

The iconic Australian event is obviously at Sydney Harbour, where the Harbour Bridge fireworks and Opera House setting make for a dramatic backdrop like nowhere else, but other large cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane all make their own contributions to the party with large scale public events.

Down in NZ, Auckland has the Sky Tower, which tends to take centre stage, but in other towns like Wellington and Christchurch residents also take advantage of the warm weather in the southern hemisphere at this time of year to head outside, have a party and watch some fireworks.

New Year Fireworks, Events, Parties


Kiribati, Samoa


Auckland, Nelson, Queenstown


Bondi Beach, Hobart, Manly, Melbourne, Sydney




Brisbane, Surfers Paradise



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