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New Years Eve is a unique time of year to visit a new place, and we aim to travel to as many as we can.

We've already visited some of the main ones: Paris, Sydney, London and Edinburgh but have the ambition to get to as many of the others as we can, with the best places to go for new year 2014-15 next on our list!

We hope you find our listings useful in finding the best NYE fireworks, parties, hotels, concerts, restaurants, cruises and events wherever you are!



Cincinnati New Years Eve 2015

Fireworks, Events, Webcams, Parties, Cruises, Hotels, Restaurants

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 31 December 2014, Midnight

Cincinnati city skyline and lights

Cincinnati is another of the Ohio big metropolitan areas where they make a pretty big deal of new year's eve, and although if might not immediately feature on a list of where to see on the new year once you have a closer look at what's available you might well change your mind. The other Ohio parties we've covered elsewhere on the site include those in Columbus and Cleveland.

Cincinnati is a pretty big town in it's own right, with the metro area as a whole home to over 2 million people, more than enough to justify the range of public parties and street events on offer. The northern climes also make for decent wintry weather come the end of December, which always helps to add atmosphere to a NYE party, and if you're lucky also a covering of snow to reflect the light from the midnight fireworks.

Fireworks, Events & Party Listings


The main public fireworks display in Cincinnati is in Oakley Square on Madison Road, where they hold the annual Ball on the Square. This outdoor event includes live music, food and drink stalls a ball drop at midnight. There are also 2 fireworks displays, one for the kids at 9pm before the main display on the stroke of midnight.

Another big outdoor event in scheduled for Fountain Square on 5th and Vine Streets, where there will be a family friendly event with food, music and fireworks centred around the ice rink, which opens on Thanksgiving at the end of November and runs right though to mid February. The ice rink is an iconic winter feature in Cincinnati, so a favourite place for many locals to head at new years.

As with most locations with a riverside setting, another great option is to see in the new year with a cruise on the Ohio River, which cuts right through the heart of the city. The chance to spend the evening on a good old fashioned riverboat is not to be missed, and there is a party with dinner, music and entertainment available from BB Riverboats, with the added bonus of a great skyline view of the fireworks at midnight.

For dining options then this is a place with plenty to offer too, with almost 1500 eateries crammed into the urban area. Nicola's Italian, Vitor's Bistro, Nada and Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse are all highly recommended. You can check out a huge range of the available places here.

Streaming, Webcams & Video


Places to watch live online - there are some great live webcam views available, including panoramic city skyline views and a stream from the Tower Cam of a local news station:

Cincinnati webcams

Hotels & Accommodation


Cincinnati has no shortage of places to stay, and most budgets are catered for, with prices reasonable compared to some of the bigger cities. As always over the holiday period an early reservation is strongly recommended. Check availability and make your booking for local hotels here.

Comments & Reviews


We would love to hear feedback from anyone who has visited Cincinnati for New Years Eve and would like to share their experiences.

Also if you know of any events or parties we don't yet have listed, whether it's something you're attending or organising, please let us know and we'll be happy to update the page.

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