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Times Square, New York City, 31 December 2016, Midnight

Times Square new years eve ball drop live

This is such a huge development in the New York Times Square new year's eve story that I've decided it more than warrants a page all of it's own. For many years this has been (with possibly Sydney aside) the biggest and most anticipated new year event in the world, with people wanting to see as much as they can of the evening's events. from earlier in the evening to the live music acts, ball drop and fireworks at midnight.

For a long time you had to make do with catching a few seconds on the news channels or maybe waiting for the highlights to emerge later in the day - a poor substitute for actually getting to watch the thing live.

Well now this has all changed, with the ball Drop organisers leaping into the 21st century with a live online webcast, not just of the ball drop itself, but the whole evening's entertainment leading up to it, hosted from the legendary Times Square by Allison Hagendorf. Not only is this online streaming free, but also free of commercials, which quite frankly amazes me! In partnership with Livestream they're offering a fantastic service that as far as I can see is easily the best new year's eve coverage of any event globally.


The headline act for new year's eve 2016-2017 is to be confirmed, we will have the full lineup here as soon as it is available. You can certainly expect big names though, last year we had Taylor Swift and One Direction among the A list performers!

As previously, the west coast part of the show will be hosted by the Black Eyed Peas' Fergie

The ABC broadcast gets underway at 8pm New York time.

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As well as the live online stream remember you can check out live views from in and around Times Square throughout the day and catch all the build up and atmosphere via the Times Square webcams

The link to watch the ball drop streaming on Livestream is here:

Ball Drop Livestream

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