London New Year Fireworks 2018 Live Stream

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London Eye, Queen's Walk, 31 December 2017, Midnight

London Eye fireworks

The new year's eve fireworks in London are some of the most popular in the world, offering an iconic backdrop of one of the most famous global city skylines, including Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

The London Eye is the focal point of the fireworks display, and crowds gather in their thousands along the banks of the River Thames to watch the spectacular pyrotechnics.

TV and Live Streaming

Live TV coverage of the London new year fireworks is available via the ever reliable BBC, and this is also available as an online stream if you are located in the UK.

The BBC coverage this year will include live footage from Robbie Williams' Robbie Rocks Big Ben Live new year's eve concert, being shown live on BBC1

BBC live stream

There may also be international online webcast coverage available via the official site, we'll post the link here if that is the case.

Latest: There is live online coverage of the London new year fireworks, available for the first time as a 360 degree broadcast! Watch live online here:

London fireworks live stream


London is blessed with a number of excellent live webcam views, and we;ve tracked down these 2 in particular that are ideally positioned to watch the new year fireworks:

London Eye webcam

London skyline camera

The first camera is a very clear close up of the London Eye itself, while the second link has a more panoramic view.

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