Rome New Year's Eve 2019

Guide to the top new year's eve 2018-2019 celebrations in Rome

Rome Castel Sant Angelo at Christmas

Rome on new year's eve has fireworks, large public gatherings, fine dining in the city's many top restaurants and even a big parade through the city streets on new year's day.

The Colosseum, Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona and Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II are all popular gathering places to take part in the midnight countdown and pyrotechnic displays.


With such a large city the places to visit are many and varied, but the main Rome New Year's Eve (La Festa di San Silvestro to the locals) celebrations are centered in the Piazza del Popolo. Huge crowds of locals and visitors alike rejoice and welcome in the New Year with live music, dancing and of course the obligatory fireworks at midnight.


There is also an outdoor clasical music concert at the Quirinale Palace piazza and at the Colosseum a live musical performance at the Via dei Fori Imperiali. With all of these venues there will be huge crowds throughout the evening, so make sure you arrive early.

Last year Rome also hosted a massive dance and electronic festival over the new year period, with the Amore Music Experience (or Love Festival) taking place from the 29th-31st December at the city's Sheraton Golf Hotel - this has proven very popular over the last couple of years so we would expect it to return again this new year - keep an eye on the official site for more updates and ticket sales.

Events & Parties

The bars and clubs of Rome compete to hold the best and most glamorous parties with a wide range to choose from to cater to most preferences. Some of the best suggestions can be found here.

Rome at this time of year also offers a number of festive offerings to help make the holiday season special, including a large Christmas tree at the Colosseum, lights in the main strets throughout the city and a Christmas market in the Piazza Navona.

For those of an athletic persuasion, new year's eve also sees the We Run Rome marathon event taking place, with a scenic course that starts and finishes near the spectacular Baths of Caracalla. This attracts both competitive and non-competitive runners, with around 10,000 taking part each year.

Rome New Year Parade

If you're in Rome for new year then be sure to stick around for the Rome New Year Parade, which takes you from the Castel Sant Angelo to St Peter's Square at the Vatican, where you can watch Pope Francis' new year address to the crowds and the watching world - see here for more information: Rome new year parade

The parade that travels from the via della Conciliazione to Saint Peter's Square, so greet the New Year with the new year service at The Vatican, so if you don't have too much of a hangover that should be well worth joining.

Security in an around Vatican City is especially tight at this time of year, so be sure to allow plenty of time for your visit, the queues can be exceptionally long, although you will find several people in the area offering skip the line tickets for a relatively reasonable cost if your time is limited.


Dining out is hugely popular in Rome at the best of times and becomes even more so at new year, so even with an estimated 6,000 eating establishments to choose from you'll be wise to make your reservations early, especially if you would like to get into the most popular venues near the big public parties.

Top recommended eateries include Pinsere Roma, Drugo, Gavius, La Porta Del Principe and Amatrice - search these and all the other available options here.

New Years Eve Hotels

You won't have any problems finding a place to stay in Rome for the holiday season as the city and environs has literally thousands of places to choose from, but booking well in advance is always advisable for the best possible choice. Top establishments to consider include:

Grand Hotel de la Minerve at the Pantheon

Grand Hotel Plaza close to the Spanish Steps

Hotel Lord Byron, Villa Borghese

Hotel Palazzo Manfredi near the Colosseum

You can search for deals at all of these venues, plus other local hotels here.

Live streaming webcams

Places to watch live online, including live views of the city skyline and a cam at the Roman Forum:

Rome webcams

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