Rio Carnival 2018 Live Stream

Watch the Rio Carnival live streaming online, free live webcast feed from Rio de Janeiro

Rio Carnival Sambodrome

The Rio Carnival is without doubt the single largest and most famous annual event to take place in Rio de Janeiro, and the addition of a free live stream in recent years has helped bring this amazing spectacle to a much larger global audience.

We've therefore decided to temporarily re-purpose our Rio new years eve page to bring you the live coverage from the Carnival in Rio, with the full event schedule and online streaming to keep you entertained ahead of the celebrations for new year's eve 2019.

Carnival Schedule

The main parade schedule for the 2018 Rio Carnival is as follows:
Friday 9th February
Access Group Sambadrome Parade
Saturday 10th February
Access Group Sambadrome Parade
Sunday 11th February
Special Group Sambadrome Parade
Monday 12th February
Special Group Sambadrome Parade
Saturday 17th February
Champion's Parade

Carnival Live Stream

The Rio Carnival live stream has been available for a couple of years now, with the most recent broadcasts provided by Red Bull TV.

You can find the live stream for the 2018 Rio Carnival here:

Rio Carnival 2018 live stream


If you're planning on visiting Rio de Janeiro during the carnival then the place will be absolutely packed, so an early reservation is not so much recommended as required.

You can search, check availability and book local hotels here.

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