Barcelona New Year's Eve 2019

Guide to new year's eve in Barcelona. Fireworks and street parties, top restaurants & hotels for NYE 2018-2019

Barcelona new years

Barcelona remains a very popular new year's eve destination, attracting visitors from across Europe to see in the new year on the lively city streets of the Catalan capital city.

The residents of Barcelona mark all the Spanish new year traditions whole adding a few of their own, including the new year's eve party on the Plaça Catalunya and live music and fireworks at the Magic Fountain on the Maria Cristina Boulevard.

Montjuic New Year's Eve Celebration

This is the official new year's eve celebration in Barcelona and attracts the biggest crowds of locals and visitors alike. This free family friendly event takes place at Plaça Espanya and on the Maria Cristina Boulevard and gets underway at around 11pm (kids stay up late in Spain!) and continues into early hours of new year's day.

The event inlcudes live music and entertainment throughout the evening, culminating in a spectacular light show and fireworks at midnight, centred on the famous Magic Fountain of Montjuic. the biggest crowds gather on Avenue de la Reina Maria Cristina to watch the fireworks. We recommend heading to the party on foot if you can, but otherwise the metro will be running throughout the night.

Plaça Catalunya Party

The famous Plaça Catalunya is another very popular gathering point on new year's eve in Barcelona, with many choosing to head here over the Montjuic party thanks to it's more central and easily reached location.

The party here is more informal, with crowds gathering with their family and friends to see in the new year by eating grapes and drinking bottles of Cava. There is somethin gof a tradition of smashing the empty bottles in the square after midbnight, so don't be alarmed if you hear the the sound of breaking glass!

Poble Espanyol Nochevieja

The Poble Espanyol dance party, or to to give it's full title Fiesta Fin de Año Poble Espanyol, is a new year tradition in Barcelona centred around Plaza Mayor that has been taking place for over 2 decades now, making it one of the longest running new year's eve parties in the country.

This event location is very close to the Magic Fountains of Montjuic and the celebration gets underway at 6.30pm and continues right through until 6am on new year's day. Tickets start from 35 Euros - more details and tickets here

NYE Nightclubs

Barcelona is well known for it's nightclub scene, and come new year's eve the top venues will all be competing to hos tthe top party. Popular venues to check out include:

Sala Apolo
CDLC Carpe Diem Lounge Club
Sutton Club

New Year's Eve Hotels

Barcelona has a great range of hotels and apartments to choose from, but as always with a mjor city on new year's eve it is advisable to book well in advance. Many of the top hotels also host their own new year parties if you prefer to keep your celebrations all in the same place.

Top places to consider include:

Hotel Barcelona Princess
W Hotel Barcelona
Ohla Hotel
Hotel Omm
Hotel Casa Fuster
Mandarin Oriental

You can search for deals at all of these venues, plus all of the other top Barcelona hotels here.

NYE Live Stream, Webcams

We haven't been able to track down much in the way of TV coverage, althoughn there will certainly he highlights of the fireworks screened the next day.

If you're looking to watch live then the best option is probably to check out some of the local live streaming webcam views, of which there are several in the city, including live views from Las Ramblas and the city skyline:

Barcelona webcams

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